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Seven Pirates X


Sail away with the crew of monster girls! Join the young pirate Paruta Cairo and the monster-enchanted boy Otan on an adventure to find the lost treasures of the Monsupi Sea! Determined to make a legendary name for himself, Parute goes sailing with a magic compass and new monster friends, but what begins with a tumultuous tumult on unexplored islands, gradually reveals something more sinister. Through their colorful encounters with competing pirates and locals in need, Parut and company will learn some disturbing truths about the king who rules these waters, leading to a confrontation that could break their magical team! Seven Pirates H is a traditional role-playing game focused on research and discovery with a giant dose of fan service! As Parute, you will control your group of monster girls in the fight against naughty enemies, using weak spots to gain an advantage in turn-based battles. Adventure around the islands and ride on Otan to get to the secret zones, collect items and improve your abilities as you level up!

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