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Samsung wants to add an S Pen slot to future foldable devices


According to a new report, Samsung is looking to add an S Pen slot to its upcoming foldable devices.

If there’s one thing that’s always felt out of place in Samsung’s lineup of foldable devices, particularly the Galaxy Z Fold, it’s a dedicated S Pen slot. It finally got some S Pen support with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, and support it is continuation with the Galaxy Z Fold 4, but it’s never been a core part of a foldable package.

Samsung is finally looking to change that, with a new report from Elect should be believed. According to the website, the South Korean phone maker recently held a meeting with its suppliers to outline where it thinks the foldable phone will go in the coming years.

One of the design challenges Samsung posed was trying to build a dedicated S Pen slot into future sophisticated devices. Interestingly, the report claims that Samsung intended to include such a feature in the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4but could not achieve it.

Samsung also believes that it needs to improve the design with thinner bodies, lighter weights and improved durability. It also wants to implement advanced camera technology, because the company’s sophisticated devices to date lack the top-notch photographic skills of the Galaxy S flagships.

Samsung also shared its expectations that Apple will joining a folding batch in 2024, but with laptops and tablets, not smartphones.

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