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Samsung addresses moon photo controversy after ‘fake’ mockery


Samsung has admitted to using artificial intelligence to enhance photos of the moon taken by Galaxy S-series users, following a widely circulated Reddit post that accused the company of forgery images.

Considering Samsung had previously sort of addressed the issue and made a similar admission (albeit in Korean), it was a storm in a teacup. However, some users wondered if their photos had been superimposed with an image of the moon by artificial intelligence.

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In a blog post, Samsung explains in detail how the detailed photos of the moon are produced. It essentially combines super-resolution camera technology and advanced artificial intelligence to enhance the detail of the Moon’s surface, but there’s a lot more in between.

The company said that the scene optimization feature can recognize the moon as a specific object with the Galaxy S21. This itself works through artificial intelligence. While the Super Resolution feature automatically turns on at 25x zoom.

Photo of the moon on Samsung

Samsung says Moon mode takes over 10 frames to help capture more detail, and these images can be stitched together for added clarity. Samsung’s Zoom Lock feature also helps produce the most stable images possible, the company says, while there’s also brightness optimization.

That’s when the AI-based “detail enhancement” comes in, which the blog post explains, but counters criticism that it uses a “moon shot deliberately edited to be blurry.”

“After performing multi-frame processing, the Galaxy camera further uses the Scene Optimiser’s deep learning AI detail enhancement engine to effectively remove residual noise and further enhance image detail,” Samsung said in a statement. blog post.

Samsung says it will continue to work on improving the scene optimization feature to reduce potential confusion between images taken on its phones and real images of the moon. So basically, yes, this detail is somewhat artificial, but there is a lot of work involved in making these photos as authentic as possible.

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