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Ronda and Bob – the trailer for the new documentary tells the story of Robert Burns’ obsession with Ronda Hutton


Award-winning documentary Ronda and Bobfixing on Texas Chainsaw Massacre artistic director Robert Burns and his obsession with cult actors Rhonda Hatanwill be released on streaming platforms in June this year.

Robert A. “Bob” Burns is an iconic name in the artistic direction of horror films for his work in the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Hills Have Eyes, Resuscitator, Howl. His props also appear in Paltergeist. From a young age he showed signs of genius and could create complex constructions in his head, draw detailed cartoons and create outrageous puns. In high school and college, he studied drama, which he later used in films Confessions of a serial killer.

While studying at the University of Texas, he edited Texas Ranger humorous magazine and opened Rhonda Hatan, a former Tampa, Florida, sports reporter who contracted acromegaly, a disease that caused his face, arms and legs to grow disproportionately to the rest of his body. This forced the former athlete and all-American child to shut himself off from the outside world until he met his second wife Mae. Together they traveled to Hollywood, where Hatton became Creeper in a series of films beginning with Sherlock Holmes history The pearl of death. He died of a heart attack caused by his health condition.

The documentary brings together the stories of Burns and Hatton and delves into their horror films and personal life stories. Creeper becomes a metaphor for Burns ’lifelong faith in his inner ugliness, a flaw that made him unable to feel true love.

The film mixes interviews with archival footage and rare videos of Burns and the people he desperately tried to love. Along the way, he examines vital horror films and tells the true stories of two important players.

To fully enliven the characters of Rondo and Bob, scenes from the lives of Burns and Hatton were recreated with the help of actors.

Screenplay and director of the film Joe O’Connellshows a veteran stuntman Gary Kent (Buba Ho-Tap, “Green Hornet”), actress Dee Wallace (Kujo, Howl), director-resuscitator Stuart Gordon, Joseph Middleton, Joe Bob Briggs, Producer at Hills Have Eyes Peter Locke, Texas Chainsaw Massacre Edwin Nealfilm director Fred Allen Rayand more.

Ronda and Bob will be available on streaming platforms on June 7 from Electric Entertainment.

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