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Review of Mold-Tek Packaging Q4 – several growth levers in place: Nirmal Bang


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Operating figures of Mold-Tek Packaging Ltd. for the 4th quarter 22 2022 f.g. were slightly lower than our expectations due to prolonged inflation of raw materials.

Although Mold-Tek Packaging has been able to shift the full impact of cost inflation to inputs (one month behind), the carry-over effect of March 2022 will be observed in April 2022, and thus profits are somewhat unaffordable .

Total volume increased by ~ 5% y / y, while paints decreased by 4% y / y on a strong basis. The volume of lubricants and food and fast-moving consumer goods increased by ~ 17% y / y and ~ 26% y / y, respectively.

Ebitda / kg for the 4th quarter of 22 and 22 fg was 37.9 and 41.3 rupees respectively.

The guide is internally targeted at 45 rupees Ebitda / kg at £ 23. and focuses on volume growth of ~ 15-20% in 23 fg.

While pharmaceutical packaging from the IBM project should not contribute to profits of £ 23, over-the-counter products and three new product orders from major customers should contribute to Mold-Tek Packaging’s profit growth.

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