Home Business Registration for a new resort for the marina QLD $ 350 million

Registration for a new resort for the marina QLD $ 350 million


Registration has now opened for buyers who want to get their place under the sun after the launch of the $ 350 million Shute Harbor Marina Resort, the first of its kind in the Whitsundes region in nearly 20 years.

The project, announced last weekend, is being implemented by an Australian consortium led by Mark Daniels, Mark McLachlan, Greg Phillips and Sam Wade.

The announcement comes after two decades of negotiating negotiations, red tape and protests, with the scaled-down project expected to create nearly 700 jobs – 450 during construction and 245 after completion.

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Render Shute Harbor Marina Resort worth $ 350 million. Supplied

The master plan of Shute Harbor Marina Resort consists of 58 managed resort accommodation, each of which has its own private berth in the pier 25-35 m on the doorstep, managed apartments with resort club facilities and a resort hotel with more than 100 rooms, which will include functional and conference rooms. , bars, restaurants, swimming pool and indoor parking.

The project will include residential and resort facilities

It will be the first major marina and residential development for Whitsundays since 2006, and it will include a total of 395 berths.

The entire site will be connected by public sidewalks, observation posts and seating areas, and it is planned to create new public parks and public shelter from cyclones.

“For many homebuyers wishing to relocate to Whitsundays, Shute Harbor Marina Resort will face a critical shortage of land on the waterfront in the region,” said Sam Wade, head of the consortium implementing the project.

“Land on the waterfront in Whitsundays is very limited, with few other residential buildings outside the Shute Harbor Marina resort.

“Our data show that there are currently only 28 vacant residential areas on the waterfront in the area, and half of them are not within or near the marina.”

Each house on the waterfront will have a separate berth

Mr Daniels, project director, said the demand for coastal real estate in the region was “unprecedented” as the construction of the project took place amid a significant rise in the local real estate market during the real estate boom, which is a pandemic.

According to Rob Taylor of Taylor’s Property Group, which is marketing the project with Bruce Goddard of Place Estate Agents, the first phase of development has already aroused “significant interest” from both commercial and residential buyers.

“The pressure of buyers from southern capitals on regional markets during the pandemic has greatly increased perceptions of the area, and buyers want to change their lifestyle,” Mr Taylor said.

“This trend continues, and the Queensland region is experiencing record migration from the southern states.”

“This is reflected in the first requests we received for this development.”

An example of the interior of an apartment building

The berths in the berths will range from 10 to 35 m for single and multi-hull vessels, while the proposed land and berth packages provide berths in the marina up to 35 m.

The cost of beds is from 175,000 to 1 million dollars, each bed is sold for rent for 99 years.

The first stage offers residential areas on the waterfront with an area of ​​440 square meters, which the developer has allocated for two- and three-storey design concepts.

Prices for land and beds will start at $ 1.75 million.

Interest is also being taken to future stages, which will include loft apartments in the marina and houses with a terrace in the square.

It is expected that the development of the first phase of Shute Harbor Marina Resort, which will include the pier and the first stage of production of land and berths, will take two years.

Construction is expected to begin in about 12 months.

This comes after a wave of southern money poured into the region during a pandemic property boom.

Last August, 60 hectares of land at Cape Gloucester, 30 minutes from Airlie Beach, was sold for $ 5.5 million.

A 2,242-square-foot plot of land in Airlie Beach was sold for $ 2.4 million last September and 1,468 square meters in November for $ 1.625 million.

Records show that in December the promenade in the tourist Mecca also changed for $ 3.326 million.

In February, another block in the same locations was sold for $ 3,087,500.

The yard of one of the residences

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