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Reginald “threatened to sue” twice for insulting TSM?


In November 2021, the former professional player Ilya “Double lift“Penn described SoloMid (TSM) CEO Andy”Reginald“Day like”a bully who gets away with being a bad person because he is powerful”And claimed that Reginald was harassing and abusing people in the organization. In the series, he even stated that many TSM members are reported, “experienced public humiliation, mental breakdowns, crying at work”And added that the people in power will lose everything.

Shortly after Doublelift’s public statement about Reginald, Riot Games and TSM reportedly launched two separate investigations into allegations of bullying and verbal abuse against the TSM CEO, reports.

May 4, where they were reportedly constantly afraid of being fired and were reluctant to go to personal meetings with Reginald. The article also details the incident in which the newly-appointed head of the HR department was allegedly released.asked a question that Andy didn’t like.In addition, the article also describes in detail the information about the incorrect qualification of employees as contractors.

Reginald clarified the article and explained in detail why he fired the head of HR TSM. Doublelift then responded to Reginald’s opinion of Reddit.

Doublelift in Reginald’s comments on Reddit

After reading Reginald’s comment, Doublelift with how it was formatted. Reginald said that once the investigation is over, he will do AMA (Ask Me Anything). To this Doublelift said: “This is the biggest hat in the whole world that he has nothing to hide.He also noted that Reginald touched on only one of the many points that were set out in a Washington Post article. He jokingly stated that Reginald was probably watching his broadcast and discussing with his legal team how to get him to stop talking about TSM.

Doublelift said: “I have a letter left when he first threatened to sue me. It’s so insanely insane. I called him a bully who drowns out the voices of his “teenagers” and then he tries to threaten to sue me for insulting his company, and then I had to talk to my lawyers and ask them something like “This shit.” ** real? Am I being sued for damages? ”

In response, Doublelift’s lawyers reportedly told him that a person usually threatens to sue another in an attempt to force them to shut up. Doublelift added: “All right, motherfucker. I think I’ll keep quiet about it, you know? I’m not going to risk all my livelihoods and going through a few months of litigation because I’ve already expressed my opinion, you know.

Doublelift showed how Reginald proved his (Doublelift) point by mocking him so he didn’t talk about the situation. If a and instead decided to do it on Reddit, Doublelift reiterated that Reginald was unable to communicate.

Following the publication of the article in the Washington Post, former TSM employees published their experience working with the company on social media.

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