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Reefs of Palm Beach County


Palm Beach County reefs are part of the largest coral reef ecosystem in the continental United States! Near the white sands of South Florida are natural and artificial reefs that provide many opportunities for diving, scuba diving, boating and fishing for residents and guests.

Parallel to the Palm Beach County coast lies forty-seven miles of natural coral reefs. These formations were created thousands of years ago and are part of the Florida Coral Reef, which stretches 360 miles from St. Lucy Bay to Dry Tortugas. For the past 40 years, Palm Beach County has created reef areas using a variety of materials to provide people with additional areas for fishing, diving and scuba diving, as well as to protect natural reefs from overuse. These “artificial reefs” are most often made of limestone, concrete and sometimes decommissioned ships that become beautiful marine habitats for algae, corals and other marine life.

One such organization is Harris’s Andrew Red Foundation Jupiter. Back in 2017 Guy Harvey The magazine published an article about Andrew “Red” Harris, an inspiring 26-year-old boy from Jupiter who was killed after being hit by a boat while trying to save his girlfriend from drifting in a bursting current. The heroic tragedy inspired his parents to create a fund to build artificial reefs on behalf of his son. Improving the marine environment made sense because he loved fishing, diving and being on the water. Doing something good for the ocean will create a legacy in his name and may even help alleviate their grief.

Over the past seven years, the Harris Foundation’s Andrew Foundation has raised and spent more than $ 2.5 million to build more than two miles of sea reefs. This includes thirty-six deployments consisting of 6,250 tons of limestone boulders, 3,004-ton coral boulder modules, 2,803-ton “empty boulders,” 4,0008-foot concrete culverts weighing 1 to 3 tons, and A 17-foot copy of Jupiter’s lighthouse.

The Palm Beach County Environmental Resources Authority has also deployed more than forty-nine vessels, 110,000 tons of concrete and 140,000 tons of limestone boulders that create artificial reefs.

Check it out site to see the location of the reefs off the coastline of Palm Beach County.

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