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Queer Eye’s Anthony reveals which chef he looks like on Easy-Bake Battle


Antony Porowski may be Queer Eye’s stylish food and wine expert, but when it comes to Easy-Bake Battle, he points to a bigger barefoot inspiration.

When it comes to inspiration for his new hosting job on Netflix Easy-Bake Battle, Amazing eyeAntony Porowski admits that he looks up to Ina Garten more than Gordon Ramsay. Anthony was Amazing eyeA food and wine expert ever since An amazing eye for a simple guy revival debuted on Netflix. For now, fans are eagerly waiting New Orleans Amazing eye Season 7Anthony took on a new role as host Easy-Bake Battleavoiding his epicurean station Amazing eye as a judge and host of a cooking competition.


In an interview with ET CanadaAntony talked about the icons he modeled on as he transitioned from pundit to host Easy-Bake Battle. The first assumption during the interview was that Antony was looking to Gordon Ramsay for inspiration, which caused stunned disbelief in Amazing eye the owner Anthony explained that he couldn’t be Gordon because “I apologize for taking the air out of the room when I come in.” Instead, he pointed to a better model for his leadership style: Ina Garten. “I don’t compare myself to her talent at all” Antony said but “Ina Garten looks gentle and fearless.”

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Antony reveals which Queer Eye star would do well in an easy fight

While Antony can distance himself Gordon’s reality TV reputation, there are moments with him that feel as violent as the famously hot-tempered chef. When Keshia Chanté from ET Canada asked what other member Amazing eye‘s Fab 5 will be successful Easy-Bake BattleAntony didn’t have to wait for the end of the question to answer. “Tan”, he categorically stated, adding, “sorry, that was too fast.” Finishing his assessment, he said: “I had to pretend I was thinking about it for a second” a reduction worthy of any great Nightmares in the kitchen the episode. Amazing eye fans know that Tan has multiple areas of expertise, and now it’s confirmed, at least according to Anthony, that Tang will be the only one another member of the Fab 5 to make the jump to cooking competitions.

The transition to a new genre and new program can be difficult even for the most popular television personality. For every Ted Allen and Sliced, there is Carson Kressley and How good it is to look naked. There’s no guarantee that what worked in one show will carry over to the next, so it’s vital to have a solid foundation from which to build. Easy-Bake Battle tries to create a welcoming atmosphere for its home cooks, and using the Barefoot Contessa herself as a model creates the perfect foundation for this new series. Antony’s celebrity chef status is well established, but compared to some of the titans of the culinary world, he’s in his infancy. Finding what has worked before and building on that is the best guarantee of success for Amazing eye a star.

Obviously, Netflix knows this and is positioning Easy-Bake Battle through the same strategy. Potential viewers are enticed by shots of Anthony judging next to them Nailed itJacques Torres, who connects a novice host with one of their veterans, who is known for his upbeat demeanor. This new show creates a bright and welcoming atmosphere, as evidenced by Netflix’s selection of talent helping out Amazing eye his good reputation. Full competition shows are uncharted territory for Antony, but success is shaped by combinations such as his own winning personality and those who shaped the format before him. For now success Amazing eye shows With no sign of letting up, Antony’s new role based on Ina’s prestigious persona could help him get a well-honed side hustle for seasons to come.

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Source: ET Canada

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