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Qualcomm predicts a big drop in smartphone sales


American chipmaker Qualcomm has published a gloomy assessment of the smartphone business in 2022, predicting a drop in sales of at least 10%.

The company, which occupies a unique position as a key chip supplier for much of the smartphone industry, addressed the topic as part of a recent profit release.

According to Qualcomm (via Edge), “uncertainty caused by the macroeconomic environment” led to a drop in forecast smartphone sales for the year from a “mid-single-digit to low-double-digit percentage decline.”

Another interesting tidbit of information is that the industry seems to have moved from worries about shortages to a troublesome glut. Due to a combination of “rapidly deteriorating demand” and “easing supply constraints” in the industry, Qualcomm found that its “largest customers” – likely to include Samsung and Apple – are “reducing their inventories”.

In other words, with demand down and supply issues at least partially resolved, there are now tons of smartphones in factories and on store shelves.

We previously reported on Apple’s offerings reduced the delivery order for the new iPhone 14 lineup amid disappointingly low demand. Samsung, for its part, is said to be looking the market for complex products is developing to help give his sales a shot in the arm.

They say that Google itself a little concerned on sales of Samsung’s Galaxy S line, and customers are said to be switching to the iPhone. The Android maker’s own Pixel line is said to be selling well, but it starts with a a much lower point than Apple and Samsung.

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