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Project RushB, a new 5 on 5 tactical shooter, is launching early access in selected regions


Laser Edge Studios has released its latest project, a tactical 5v5 FPS called Project RushB in selected regions, including the Philippines. Soft Launches are currently only available in early access, but more updates are expected to gradually spread to other regions.

RushB is a name that is very close to other legends of the genre, such as Counter-Strikethat actually inspired the weird title, or Valorant. The gameplay is intense, focused on teamwork and communicating with other players on your side to lay or defuse the bomb, earning money between each round and use that income to purchase better equipment or weapons. RushB is more like Valorant, it features heroes, each with unique abilities.

These abilities support the usual formula of shooting and slow movement on the map, hoping not to notice them, and should allow players who are accustomed to these games, a little more appreciate the gameplay. These cards are designed for mid-range fights, which further increases tension and makes you never feel completely safe.

Laser Edge has developed RushB from scratch with its own engine in hopes of bringing an intense 5 on 5 experience like these popular games to mobile devices that will allow players to truly immerse themselves in visual effects and appreciate that intensity even more. This leads to a promising kind of tactical shooter that can hopefully compete with other contemporaries of the genre.

So far, Project RushB is only available in early access in the Philippines and nearby regions, and there has been no announcement of a global release, but it is safe to assume that within a year we will hear more about it. For those of you who are interested in these regions, you can download Project RushB at Play Store for free.

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