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Prime Video’s Entertaining The Wilds is a bit lost in the second season TV / Stream


The main spoiler at the end of the first season: last year ended with a series of discoveries, including Leah (the beautiful Sarah Pigeon) discovered that she did not survive the plane crash, but survived an evil psychological experiment. The girls who survived the disaster were placed there and watched by the eccentric head of the “Dawn of Eve” program Gretchen Klein (Rachel Griffiths). In the season finale, Leah discovered another layer: they weren’t the only rats in the Gretchen maze. There was a side program called Twilight of Adam, in which eight young people in a similar situation believed they had crashed on a desert island, forced to fight for survival.

Naturally, the second season of “The Wilds” should follow this discovery, essentially doubling the double tracks of the first season, where survivors of “Dawn of Eve” were interrogated in “modern” material, interspersed with memories both weeks after the “accident” and Uncovering the characters sections from their lives before they made this fateful journey. Memories of the women have been largely discarded, but the plot still lags behind both their contemporary material and the way they did there, adding the basic structure of the first year to Adam Island. This is where we meet young people such as the charismatic Ruff (Zach Calderon), the alpha male Kirin (Charles Alexander) and the outgoing Josh (Nicholas Coombe).

Mostly through no fault of the young cast, the male characters in the second season are just not as richly portrayed as the female ones in the first season. Partly this could be due to the overcrowding of the plot with two episodes less and twice as many characters. In part it may be what we saw Lord of the Flies The alpha male has been exhibited so many times before, although the authors are trying to modernize some of the classic issues in this dynamic and introduce a shocking act in the middle of the season that really changes “Adam”. The first season worked because all the characters felt clear, well executed with full, rich stories. Not so, but there are some great personalities: Miles Gutierrez-Riley and Alex Fitsalan feel like future stars.

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