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Platform9 enhancements increase developer performance and simplify cloud operations


Platform9 has announced new platform capabilities that make it easier for teams of developers and native cloud operations to create, scale, and operate Kubernetes applications and clusters in the cloud, onshore, and frontier.

While Ops teams are struggling with the complexities of running Kubernetes production deployments, application developers need to learn many of the key elements of Kubernetes to run even the simplest programs. This steep learning curve and new templates for creating and scaling cloud applications can slow the adoption of Kubernetes and slow down time to market.

“One of the biggest challenges facing cloud-based developers is understanding how applications run across the microservice architecture,” said Chris Jones, Platform9 Group Product Manager. “We focused almost exclusively on this issue in our latest issue. To help solve this complexity, we created a brand new developer IDE and launched ArgoCD-as-a-Service. Our goal is to significantly increase the productivity of developers through capabilities that make it very easy to create, troubleshoot, and scale cloud programs. ”

New self-service features increase developer productivity

The new IDE provides simplified viewing in context for submissions, journals, events and moreA: Developers now have access to sub status, logs and Kubernetes events that are stored in context and automatically mapped to relevant objects. No need to guess which sub is related to which service. To quickly configure the manifest, YAML is available for editing and updating directly in the cluster. The new IDE experience supports native clusters and Platform9 clusters imported from EKS, AKS and GKE.

Easily build and scale applications with ArgoCD: Administrators just need to connect their Git repository and then start using ArgoCD automation to manage the application lifecycle. Applications can be deployed, scaled, updated, and removed without interacting with cluster administrators and without giving unnecessary access to developers. As a result, developers use continuous delivery as a service on any Kubernetes, Platform9 Native, imported EKS, AKS or GKE and 100% external clusters.

New features increase operator performance

Zero setting for ArgoCD: Because ArgoCD works as an application in the Platform9 SaaS control plane, all clusters managed by Platform9 are automatically connected to ArgoCD, allowing continuous delivery with zero installation – no installation, configuration or integration required. Cluster administrators can allow developers to deploy applications without running Kubectl Apply or Helm Install.

Simplified management of imported clusters EKS, AKS and GKE: The new External Cluster Operator (ECO) creates a secure communication tunnel between EKS, AKS or GKE and Platform9 clusters. Operators can now use managed monitoring in a Platform9 cluster and use ArgoCD to quickly deploy applications in any hyper-scale cluster.

Reliable remote monitoring: Catapult Remote Monitoring expands existing Platform9 SaaS capabilities by providing more than 50 alerts. Remote monitoring covers key elements such as etcd, Kubernetes API server, nodes, workloads, CNI and add-ons running Platform9. New alerts are sent to DevOps / SRE teams through their selection system. In addition, alerts affecting key infrastructure are immediately transmitted to Platform9’s 24-hour support for prompt resolution. Catapult remote monitoring is enabled for all users (Freedom, Growth and Enterprise).

This release includes the publicly available Managed KubeVirt, which makes it easy to run virtual machines (VMs) along with containers on a single unified platform. In addition, Managed Bare Metal now includes Metal Kubed in the technical preview.

Along with these updates, the user interface (UI) has been completely revised.

“This next-generation interface has been completely redesigned to provide a modern and seamless user experience, to simplify working with cloud applications in real time,” said John Raddell, Chief Engineer of UI / UX Platform9. “We’ve updated how users navigate between multiple SaaS products using the app switch on the sidebar. The whole system is dynamic: all Kubernetes objects, such as podiums, services and replica sets, are mapped together, and data loading now detects errors in each dashboard / viewer. ”

ArgoCD-as-a-Service is now in the early stages for DevOps commands to begin its GitOps automation journey. ArgoCD automatically connects to clusters managed by Platform9. Users deploy an application that automatically syncs with the Git repository.

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