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Pikachu life-size showcases electric strokes as a phone charger


A talented Pokemon fan recently created a realistic clay statue of the mascot of the Pikachu franchise, which also works as a phone charger.

Talented Pokemon a fan has created a picturesque clay statue of Pikachu that works as a phone charger. As the mascot of the franchise, the friendly electric-type Pokemon is recognizable worldwide. Pikachu is the most popular Pokemon in many countries, and it is recognized even by people who have never played a Pokemon game before.

Given its popularity, it would not be surprising that Pikachu is in the spotlight Pokemon– related to art. His long ears, yellow fur and red cheeks are instantly recognizable both in official goods and in the works of fans. As the initial Pokemon and Ash’s constant companion in the anime, Pikachu was a habitual part of childhood for millions of people. And with this level of familiarity, especially in relation to such a popular franchise, there is a constant influx of fan-based fan content. Time goes by and this has forced more ambitious fans to create more impressive works in honor of the mascot, e.g. an amazing image of Pikachu made of lasers.


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He is now a Twitter user and a clay artist Nenda Yoshirin published images of their latest creation; a statue of Pikachu that can charge the phone. The statue is carefully shaped so that when the phone is placed on the bend of the Pikachu, it seems he rubs his cheek against the device, which actually places the phone next to the built-in MagSafe wireless charger. This allows the Pikachu statue to charge the phone, seemingly clinging to it, according to the creator. The overall effect is as cute as the functional one, and that’s it magic clay Pokemon statue quickly made a sensation online.

Like anyone Pokemon the fan will know that the red circles on Pikachu’s cheeks are in fact bags in which electricity is stored, and careless pressing on them can cause an unpleasant shock. But at the same time they are the source of Pikachu’s electric attacks. This makes Nendo Yoshirin’s posture choice for their new phone charger ideal in terms of knowledge. Those who are interested in the technical side of creating a statue can observe the modeling process Clay Yoshirin YouTube channel. The project was completed in collaboration with other Japanese YouTubers Fisher and is not the first for Nenda Yoshirina a statue of a favorite fan character; previous works by the same artist include reproductions of Pachyris and Peach, two Pokemon statues that also served as chargers for electronic devices.

The masterfully made statue of Pikachu by Nendo Yoshirin is definitely one Pokemon a fan would be happy to own. And while the statue itself is likely disposable and unlikely to be available for purchase any time soon, that doesn’t mean other art lovers won’t be inspired to try to make their own. Pokemon phone chargers in the same shape. When it comes to statue models for charging phones, Pikachu is obviously the perfect choice; famous Pokemon are presented in a wide range of goods, including clothing. The life-size ability of this copy to charge phones, similar to what a real Pikachu could do, makes it a functional and attractive work of art.

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Sources: plasmaclusterha / Twitter (through Comic book), Clay Yoshirin / YouTube

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