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Overwatch 2 is full of easter eggs with clever dialogue


For now Supervision 2 had a rocky launch thanks to numerous technical issues, there’s a lot to love about this new take on the classic shooter. One detail that fans have loved is the huge number of new voice lines, many of which are only meant to be triggered in very specific situations.

U Twitter thread, Overwatch 2 Senior Narrative Designer Justin Groot explained that the scriptwriters sought to increase the reactivity of dialogue when characters reacted to certain events, including certain team contests or situational moments. While the original Overwatch already had a lot of custom dialogue, including specialized lines to eliminate or interact with certain characters, the dialogue in the sequel gets a lot more specific.

We’ve done a ton of work on the backend to detect rare situations and centralize and prioritize our VO system so we can play the coolest lane at any given time,” explains Groot. The goal, he says, is “so that the characters feel more alive, so that they celebrate your greatest achievements with you and continue to surprise you game after game.”

Most of the special dialogue revealed so far involves specific tag team competitions, such as in the video above, where the Junker Queen on the women’s team starts a match by saying, “Okay ladies, let’s teach these guys a lesson.”

Others noted by fans include a voice line in which Mercy, when placed on a team where all other characters have self-healing, will remark on how easy the matchup will be since everyone can heal themselves. Reinhardt will also comment on a team full of melee users, asking if one of them should have a gun.

Certain lines will also be triggered depending on which move was used or where the kill occurred, with players being shown unique dialogue that is triggered when the kill occurs, such as when the character is in mid-air.

Also lead story designer is Gavin Juergen-Firi connected about conversation, expanding what different types of dialogue players can encounter in Overwatch 2. In addition to the reactive lines mentioned above, all characters have received expanded voice lines for kills, abilities, and normal gameplay. The writers also added 1,800 lines of dialogue between the characters, some of which is shown in the video above in the conversation between Sombra and Moira.

It’s clear that players will be discovering new, niche voice lines in Overwatch 2 for a while yet, as the game is only in its second week of launch.

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