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Open source MMORPG sandbox Ryzom lowers subscription price again


This spring, at least two major MMORPGs, RuneScape and EVE Onlinetook a bold step to raise subscription rates when their player base grumbled. Rhizomeon the other hand, does the opposite: it really is subscription fee reduction.

The long sci-fi sandbox announced this week that its new premium fees will be around 3.90-4.90 euros ($ 4.11-5.16) per month (mostly that extra dollar on Steam, probably from -for a much higher Steam bet). This is not really the first time Rhizome the subscription has changed over the years; it started at about $ 15 and was downgraded to $ 10.95 in 2009. As usual, longer sub-periods involve discounts, but there is also a lifetime subscription of around € 300 (around US $ 316).

Rhizomewho turns 17 this fall, was technically a hybrid free MMO for over ten years and saw a Freemium update back in 2017; The additional subscription gives a number of useful bonuses such as unlimited skills and equipment, more storage, access to housing, transfers and renaming of characters. MMO is one of the very few games in our genre fully released for open source development, so if you are still unhappy with these additional fees, you are encouraged to create your own private server.

We’ve tested the game several times over the last couple of years Game Archaeologist and Whatever happens series, but the game is definitely still in development; on the last patch landed in Aprilwhen the current publisher Winch Gate made changes to outposts and guilds.


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