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Only one person supported the dream of the fall of Babylon on Steam last week


The Fall of Babylon it’s a video game that came out this year, actually a little over two months ago. It was developed by PlatinumGames and published by Square Enix hit provider. This is perfectly normal if you’ve never heard of it before (or if you’ve forgotten about its existence) because it seems to be true for most Steam users as well.

Babylon’s Fall doesn’t sell very well on any platform, but on the PC everything was especially scary. On Steam, the number of simultaneous players in the game has reached a paltry 1,166 players at launch and has been declining since then. Usually in online action games on average take about 50-60 players daily.

However, last week – in particular, on Wednesday, May 4 – this peak decreased simultaneously one. At that time there was one person in the game online. This shocking new low has been spotted VGCand though you see that the fall of Babylon has since “recovered” – returned to its own normal simultaneous mean ~ 60 – only one player for a game that is only a few weeks away from a major publisher and well-known developer is certainly a rare occurrence.

All said, the current situation is not surprising. Shortly after the launch of PlatinumGames had to reassure players and promise continue to support for at least two more seasons. The message was alarming, rather revealing, entitled “Is the continuation of the service in danger?”

The fall of Babylon was especially poorly received by critics for the PlatinumGames project. Always the online nature of the game, the system of progression of combat passes and its structure in the form of a live game without a satisfactory hook, also seems to rub players wrong.

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