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On the eve of Black Friday, the price of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra has dropped significantly


Samsung has slashed the price of the Galaxy S22 Ultra by a whopping £200 ahead of Black Friday.

The biggest sale of the year takes place on November 18th, which is a week away from Friday. However, as has become a habit, a whole bunch of Black Friday-related offers have already started to appear online.

One of the most attractive deals we’ve seen so far has to be Kariwhere you can now purchase a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5Gany color (Phantom Black, Bergundy, Green or Phantom White), with 128GB of internal memory for £949.

It’s certainly still good value for money, but it’s a whopping £200 off the usual price of £1,149. In other words, this is a reduction of about 17%.

This is for a device we’re still considering the best Android flagship phone on the market. In a 4.5-star review, we concluded that “it’s not cheap, but the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is a huge phone with a huge list of specs. Most of them work fantastically well, and those who mourned the death of the Galaxy Note will find a successor.”

While it’s still not exactly cheap, this price cut significantly reduces the first caveat. Especially considering that the Galaxy S22 Ultra remains so relevant – it’s probably still a few months before its successor, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, hits the market.

Meanwhile, Samsung’s level of ongoing software support is excellent these days. It has promised an impressive five years of updates and four major OS updates for the Galaxy S22 Ultra, meaning it will still be supported when Android 16 comes out in 2025.

We’ll keep you updated on all the deals over the next week or so, but we doubt you’ll find a better deal on the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra next Black Friday.

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