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Southern Money Livestock Markets

This is a quiet Friday for the direct cattle trade. The case in a week is likely to be over. However, by the end of the day there may be a small trade in cleaning. Prices for what’s left on the show’s lists are about $ 142 live in the south and $ 234 for clothing in the north. This week’s deals were marked at $ 232, dressed in the north, steadily with a weighted average base last week in Nebraska. Live deals in the south were mostly $ 140, some – $ 141, quite stable with business last week.

Beef in a box is mixed at noon with a light or moderate demand for light offers. Choice costs $ 0.48 below $ 254.70 and Select costs $ 0.62 above $ 246.43. The Choice / Select spread is $ 8.27.

At the Mitchell livestock auction in South Dakota compared to last week bulls up to 900 pounds were unevenly stable. Bullocks from 900 to 1,000 pounds were higher by $ 4-8. Bulls from 1,000 to 1,150 pounds were up 6-12 dollars. Heifers up to 850 pounds were unevenly stable, heifers 850 to 1,000 pounds were higher by $ 3-4. The U.S. Department of Agriculture says demand has been good with a lot of workload in the supply of the day. Receipts decreased over the week and increased over the year. The supply of the feeder included 65% of the heifers, and 94% of the supply was over £ 600. Medium and large 1 feeders from 950 to 999 pounds brought in $ 142.75 to $ 152.25. Medium and large 1 feeders weighing from 856 to 898 pounds brought in from 136.50 to 142.25 dollars, and feeders from 900 to 949 pounds – from 135.25 to 143 dollars.

Available pigs below noon with fairly easy purchases by arrangement. There are fears that demand for American pork on the world market may decline, and this is putting pressure on prices. Processors have been able to move desired figures without having to be aggressive in their procurement efforts. All eyes remain on the availability of ready-to-market pigs. Barrows and piglets at the National Daily Direct cost $ 1.13 lower at a base range of $ 100 to $ 110 and a weighted average of $ 100.45. Prices in regional direct markets are not reported due to confidentiality.

Prices for pork in the mid-West markets are stable at $ 60 and $ 68. In Illinois, prices for slaughter sows were stable with light or moderate demand for offers ranging from light to moderate from $ 72 to $ 84. Prices for mounds and gilding were stable with light or moderate demand for offers ranging from light to moderate from $ 65 to $ 74. Boars cost $ 40 to $ 45 and $ 20 to $ 25.

The value of pork at noon is weak – fell by $ 0.08 to $ 106.19. The abdomen is sharply lower. Ribs below. The lumbar region is approximately stable. Picnics, butts and hams are up to dramatically higher.

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