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Southern Money Livestock Markets

There is an easy direct trade in cattle. Live deals in the south cost $ 140, quite stable with business last week. The north remains quiet. Prices in the south range from $ 140 to $ 142, while they did not come from the north. Over the course of the week, look for more business to grow.

Beef in boxes is mixed at noon with a light or moderate demand for fairly light offers. Choice is $ 0.96 below $ 257.33 and Select is $ 0.57 above $ 243.70. The Choice / Select spread is $ 13.63.

At the Joplin Regional Stockyards in Missouri, compared to last week, feeders weighing up to 700 pounds were up $ 4-6, and bulls weighing more than 700 pounds were mostly stable. Feeding heifers ranged from stable to $ 6 above. The U.S. Department of Agriculture says demand has been moderate for moderate and easy supply. Receipts decreased over the week and increased over the year. The supply of the feeder included 53% of the bulls, and 45% of the supply was over £ 600. Medium and large 1 fodder bulls from 503 to 548 pounds brought from 187.50 to 201 dollars, and feeder bulls from 702 to 746 pounds – from 160 to 174.50 dollars. Medium and large 1 feeders weighing 405 to 442 pounds brought in $ 166 to $ 180, and feeders weighing 551 to 594 pounds were $ 157 to $ 165.

Cash pigs rose sharply at noon with strong purchase negotiations. The processors were aggressive in their procurement efforts and made bets to move the desired figures. The industry also monitors the availability of ready-to-market pigs. Demand for American pork on the world market and domestically has been strong, helping to provide price support. However, there are long-term demand issues that add uncertainty and volatility to markets. Mounds and pigs in the National Daily Direct are up $ 4.27 at a base range of $ 100 to $ 112 and a weighted average of $ 105.69; Iowa / Minnesota $ 2.44 higher on a weighted average of $ 111.54; The Western Corn Belt is up $ 3.55 compared to a weighted average of $ 111.20. Prices in the Eastern Corn Belt were not reported due to confidentiality.

Prices for meat pigs in the available markets of the Midwest are stable at $ 70. In Illinois, prices for slaughter sows were stable with light or moderate demand for offers ranging from light to moderate from $ 69 to $ 82. Mounds and pigs were steady with light or moderate demand for offers ranging from light to moderate from $ 65 to $ 74. Boars cost $ 40 to $ 45 and $ 20 to $ 25.

The price of pork is below noon – by $ 2.09 to $ 102.30. The abdomen and ribs are sharply lower. Low back, ham and nowhere below. Picnics above.

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