Home Business Nearly 21.6 million items appeared on Facebook in India in March: Meta

Nearly 21.6 million items appeared on Facebook in India in March: Meta


According to a monthly report by the social media giant, Facebook, owned by Meta, has received in India about 21.6 million pieces of content on 13 categories of violations in India.

The content of the action fell into categories including spam, bullying and harassment, danger to children, dangerous organizations and individuals, violent and graphic content, nudity and sexual acts for adults.

Between March 1 and March 31, 2022, Facebook took action against about 21.6 million pieces of content in various categories, while Instagram during the same period took action against nearly 2.7 million pieces of content in 12 categories, according to a recent published by Meta’s monthly report in India.

Under IT rules, which came into force last May, large digital platforms (with more than 5 million users) are required to publish monthly periodic compliance reports, detailing the complaints received and accepted. It also includes details about content deleted or disabled via active monitoring using automated tools.

As for Facebook, the latest report found that of the 21.6 million active parts, 14.9 million were in the spam category, 2.5 million in the violent and graphic content category and 2.1 million in the adult nudity and sexual activity category.

Some of the other categories in which content was used included bullying and harassment (2,775,700), suicide and self-harm (5,780,800), dangerous organizations and individuals: terrorism (1,161,800); and Dangerous Organizations and Individuals: Organized Hate (17,800).

“Between March 1 and March 31, we received 656 notifications through the Indian Complaints Mechanism, and we responded to 100 percent of those 656 notifications,” the report said.

He added: “From these incoming reports, we have provided users with the tools to solve their problems in 556 cases. These include pre-created channels for reporting content about certain violations, self-correcting streams where they can download their data, ways to troubleshoot hacked accounts, etc. ”.

For Instagram, 1,150 messages were received through the Indian Complaints Mechanism in March, and “we responded 100 percent of 1,150 messages,” the report said.

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