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MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000 is back! – GeekTyrant


This past weekend, Theater of Mysterious Sciences 3000 came back through Gizmoplex!! The thirteenth season premiered last weekend with three new episodes Santa in Dracula’s treasure, Robot Warsand Beyond Atlantis. If you want to enjoy the new season, you can go to The Gizmoplex and choose the plan that works best for you, such as a $ 150 season ticket that gives you access to new series via streaming and download, re-viewable live broadcast events and even attend live premieres. Of course, you can also rent or buy episodes individually if your speed is higher.

While Mystery Science Theater 3000 returns to its 13th season, the crazy ones – King Forrester (Felicia Day), the faithful textbook Max (Patan Oswalt) and Grandma Pearl Forrester (Mary Joe Pell) – represent the greatest and var ‘ yaki experiment in the show!

For the first time, not one but three people will be subjected to the bitter-sweet agony of watching the world’s worst movies, as returning subject John Heston (Jonah Ray) shares host responsibilities with Gizmonic’s latest kidnapped technician, Emily Connor (Emily Marsh) and original presenter Joel Ron (creator of the show Joel Hodgson). Accompanied by fellow robots Crowe T. Robot (Hampton Yant / Kelsey Ann Brady), Tom Servo (Baron Vaughn / Conor McGuffin) and GPC (Rebecca Hanson / Yvonne Frieze), our heroes will have to go through 13 new films, 12 new short films , and the discovery of King’s latest scheme for world domination: GIZMOPLEX, the first Cineplex on the Moon.

Will they end the season with an intact mind?

Have you caught the premiere of the new season? You can watch the clip from Robot Wars below.

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