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My Hero Academia will receive two special episodes before season 6


My Hero Academia gives fans a reprieve from the upcoming war: 2 OVA will be released this summer before the fall premiere of Season 6.

Two special episodes My heroic academy is scheduled to release before the premiere of Season 6. My heroic academy Season 5 ended last September with a cool moment, leaving viewers wondering what would happen next with these young heroes. The series is gradually moving to a darker tone, preparing for a tense future. Scene after captions for My heroic academy Season 5 has contributed to this tonal shift as the characters prepare for challenges like never before.

My heroic academy was quickly updated and released in the fall of 2022 for Season 6. Meanwhile, however, fans have not been left without new content. Along with the continued release of the manga, My heroic academy the art team unveiled several new works and announcements to promote the series. While most of the new visual effects foretold the total war expected in Season 6, some were much more hilarious. Writer Kohei Harikoshi has released some hilarious illustrations similar to his works celebration of the Year of the Tiger and the April Fool’s Day visual, in which the characters play baseball.


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While there is still quite a wait before My heroic academy Season 6, fans won’t have to wait long for more content. Found in Shui Weekly Shonen Jump magazine (via Comic book), My heroic academy it get two OVA. The first show will take place in mid-June in Japan, and the trip is scheduled for later this summer. There is currently no release date for the second episode, but it can be assumed that it is not far behind.

a gang of killer whales in my heroic academy

It looks like the baseball illustration was also a fine advertisement My heroic academy Season 6 as the first special episode says has characters participating in the “Baseball Heroes League”. By displaying an advertising episode, the episode has My heroic academy the characters are divided into two teams (Gang Orca’s Orcas and Shishido’s Lionels), where heroes and UA students take part in a quirky game of baseball. There are currently no plot details for the second series.

The April Fool’s Day illustration is one of many that Horikoshi and his team delivered to fans. It now seems that all of them could be developed into full-length episodes. This is not the first such OVA My heroic academy received, as Deco and his friends imagine in new stories that do not focus on the main plot. It looks like the new special episodes will be somewhat carefree My heroic academyprevious OVA. So it seems that fans will be given a little break from the intensity before delving into the inevitable battle between c My heroic academy heroes and villains.

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Source: Comic book

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