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MultiVersus patch 1.05 brings us Black Adam, arcade mode, and a bit of silly queue chaos


MultiVersus patch 1.05 is here, finally adding Black Adam, along with the much anticipated arcade mode, along with some other additions and changes.

The Rock will probably be happy to hear that his favorite anti-hero has made it to MultiVersus after it was announced back in August. You’ll also be able to dress him up in a slightly different outfit for 800 glymia, giving him a more classic look, and using that particular skin will give you extra candies during the Halloween event.

An alpha version of the arcade mode has also dropped, something fans have been wanting since its launch. In this mode, you’ll be able to play with a friend to battle waves of variations of “your favorite iconic characters,” and you’ll have three difficulties to choose from (easy, medium, or hard). If you manage to beat one of the difficulties, you’ll earn a star for the character you’re playing as, with stars unlockable for both 1×1 and 2×2.

Medium and Hard modes also feature three boss battles, one of which will be your nemesis opponent. More are planned for arcade mode and The first player games will follow feedback on this.

Also introduced in this latest update is a silly queue that will allow you to “take a break from the competition and enjoy pure unbridled mayhem!” This mode is designed to be a lot more casual, with some modifiers to liven things up a bit, of which there will be three to begin with. One is the growth spurt, which causes “fighters to dramatically increase in size as they take damage. Stock up on some damage and engage in giant monster battles!”

Many cosmetics have also been added, such as Ultra-Warrior Shaggy, who gives puzzlers a beard and a pair of boxing gloves, Bugs Bunny Tune Squad, which comes in two versions (one in the original Space Jam form, the other from the sequel), and also the Tune Squad is looking for Taz. You can also pick up a BMO announcer pack for an incredibly adorable pastime, and the iconic Black Adam profile icon references the slightly creepy image you might have seen in the last film.

There are also a number of balance changes for various characters, which you can read about in the full patch notes here.

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