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Mobile MMO Ni no Kuni starts on May 25


Ni no Kuni: Cross of the Worlds is a mobile MMO based on the world installed in major games, and coming out on May 25th.

The game has been available in Japan since June last year, and pre-registration is now available worldwide. It is available on iOS, Android and PC and supports cross-play on all three platforms.

Check it out trailer below:

The description says:

“Beautiful world No, Cooney comes to life again in a new fantastic adventure. Immerse yourself in your new fantasy world. Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds waiting for you. “

У Crusades, you can choose from five classes: swordsman, robber, engineer, witch and destroyer. Everyone has their own preferences and customization options. This is an intriguing proposition that makes the series not just a mobile game but also an MMO.

The Level-5 developer teamed up with Studio Ghibli for the first game, Wrath of the White Witchon PlayStation 3. Studio Ghibli did not participate in the sequel, Kingdom of the Revenant.

In our review of the first gameIan Dransfield said:

“It took years of craftsmanship and probably a hell of a lot of money, but No, Cooney it’s a wonderful, amazing experience that will keep you captivated and enchanted for decades. ”

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