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MMO Chimeraland in the open world for the collection of pets announces plans to release NA, launches Canadian closed beta


For the past year we have been covering the course A country of chimerascross-platform open world MMO that goes to PC, iOS and Android devices all about taming creatures and unite them through a system of absorption and evolution. Game hit the SEA region earlier this yearand soon NA players will quickly learn the whole thing about this MMO, and Canadian players will be the first in the game thanks to the closed beta.

Canadian players can now register for the closed beta until Tuesday, May 10, while the test itself will take place on PCs and Android devices between Thursday, May 12, and Tuesday, May 17. Details of how much content will be in this test build are not available, but are expected to have access to a common set of features of the game, including an open world of 1,000 square kilometers, many pets to collect and change, and various weapons that can be switch to – will.

As for Chimeraland later plans for the rest of North America, publisher Level Infinite promises that players across the NA region will have access to the game sometime this year. A specific calendar date has not yet been tied, as the developers of Pixel Soft want to take into account player feedback. If you want to send this review (and live in Canada with the appropriate device), registrations are still available.


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