Home Business MK Agrotech contacts WeCare to increase edible oil production

MK Agrotech contacts WeCare to increase edible oil production


Base in Karnataka MK Agrotechowner of Sunpure edible oil, contacted a nonprofit WeCare The society supports farmers with seeds of crops including peanuts and sunflowers, and buys their crops later to cope with the food oil crisis that arose as a result of the Russo-Ukrainian war.

The campaign is taking place against the background of the expected shortage of edible oil supplies. Given the current scenario, prices for edible oils in the first days after the conflict in the West rose by 50%, according to MK Agrotech.

In fact, India is the second largest producer of peanuts in the world, but our productivity is only about a third or fourth than in China and the US. Before palm trees or sunflower appeared in South India, peanut oil was consumed the most in the region, the statement added.

“How about going back to your roots and cutting back on imports? It was a question that had been in our heads for quite some time. That’s when we decided to launch Hosa Prapancha – an initiative that will help us take a step towards India’s self-sufficiency and reconsider the edible oil segment, ”said Gokaran Singh Pawar, CEO of MK Agrotech.

The campaign was launched under Haver, the chief minister Basavarj Bomai‘s hometown, and the company said it plans to take it across South India.

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