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Metroid Dread is becoming the best-selling game series to date


This is shown by the latest results of Nintendo’s salary Fear of the metroid became the best-selling game series to date.

How noticed Eurogamerthis figure has become one of many success stories The 2021 fiscal year of the Japanese company ends on March 31, 2022. Total game sales have now reached 2.9 million units, surpassing the previous series’s high of 2.84 million for Metroid Prime. This record has been held for almost twenty years, given that the game was launched on the GameCube back in 2002.

There have been similar successes that can be shouted about elsewhere in the results. Nintendo noted that last fiscal year saw the highest level of software sales for single-family hardware. This included 11.4 million sales Pokemon legends Arceus in just ten weeks. Kirby and the Forgotten Landwhich came out just a month ago, just 2 weeks after launch scored 2.1 million.

Looking to the future, the company has also confirmed some release dates for the first party titles. They include Battle League Mario Strikers June 10, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 July 29 and Plato 3 September 9. Great hopes are also placed on the enterprise Scarlett and Violet at the end of 2022. The company is also still promising Bayonet 3 see the world later this year.

We consider ourselves big fans Fear of the metroid here in Videogamer too. If you haven’t read our review yet, you can check it out here. The game is still updated recently, just last month a new Boss Rush mode was added and more.

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