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Mermaid Beach Mansion Sold for $ 19.75 Million Amid Local Disputes


111 Hedges Ave, Mermaid Beach, has DA permission to turn into a boutique.

The mansion, owned by businessman Scott Hedland, for “millionaires” in Mermaid Beach is up for sale for $ 19.75 million.

Mr Hedland has been at loggerheads with other Mermaid Beach residents over the property since 2020 after he filed a contract to convert a six-bedroom coastal home at 111 into a four-story luxury building called One One One.

The house has more than 680 square meters of living space.

At the time it was announced, Mr Hildand said it was an attempt to give the well-known Hedges Avenue a “lift”.

However, some residents claimed that the building looked too tall, did not meet “excellent” standards and did not meet other buildings in the area.

Despite what the local council approved in December last year, residents handed over their case to the village

It was last sold for $ 6 million in 2002.

The Brisbane Court of Planning and Environment, where it will be heard in the coming months.

Meanwhile, Michael Kalosze of Kollosche, who is in real estate marketing with his colleague Tony Velisariu, said the lawsuit had nothing to do with the sale of the property and did not necessarily stop construction.

“The property has been added to the list, and the council’s approval remains for a three- or four-story building,” Mr Kaloshe said.

Mr. Hedland has owned the house at 111 Hedges Avenue, known as the Little Dune, since 2002, when he bought it from developer Russell Leary for $ 6 million.

It was previously presented by Mr. Hedland in 2019 with a price tag of $ 9.95 million. He later lowered the price by $ 500,000 before withdrawing it from the market.

It has an 18-meter pool and a 19-meter beach.

The property is located on a block of 769 sq.m with a rare 19th absolute beach.

The two-story house was designed to take advantage of ocean views, and is divided into separate wings for privacy.

It has an outdoor terrace, as well as an 18-meter beach pool and spa, a four-car garage, a home office, a sauna and a gym.

It is completely fenced and protected from erosion by a stone wall.

House of “millionaires”

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