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Medical innovation and why we need to accept change



Change can be hard to accept. Many times innovation is greeted with both gratitude and anxiety, as new ideas suddenly take precedence over those tested. This is especially true of medical innovation.

The complexity of medical equipment and procedures undoubtedly accepts little change, and yet change is something that is commonly accepted in the medical arena.

Only last year a new one appeared surgical retractorwhich is a tool that has been used since the beginning of medical practice, received its creator the Queen’s Award for Innovation.

Although surgical retractors have existed in various iterations for many, many years, this new tool does more to prevent interruptions, reduces the high risk of infection, minimizes the number of surgical personnel required in any operation, and increases surgeon control. during operations.

It’s a device for changing the game in a landscape that many didn’t realize needed to change.

The face of change

Thoughts should go to the doctors. They will be at the forefront of any changes to be made to the industry, and in high-pressure environments such as hospitals and surgical facilities, making changes to their already embedded system will undoubtedly take time.

Doctors survive through routine and if that routine changes, whether it’s a change of equipment, brand new equipment, or a change in the system they’ve taught and practiced working inside, they need to learn to adapt and survive again.

So how do they survive?

Doctors and doctors know best of all that change within the medical industry is inevitable and necessary.

Even if they are centered around equipment or systems that have already proven to be suitable for practice.

At a job that regularly deals with life or death situations, it’s fair to say that they’ve built up the confidence to adapt and maneuver around events that aren’t necessarily part of the plan.

If routine surgery goes wrong, for example, they need to perform under pressure, talk to colleagues about how best to handle the situation, and then have the confidence to do what is necessary.

Not otherwise and with big and wide changes. Communication and confidence are key to its acceptance.

The health care system will continue to change for the better

With new technological advances happening every year, the health care system has evolved into something very different from what it was even thirty or forty years ago.

The reason this should not be a cause for concern is that in conditions such as trials and pressures, as in hospitals and clinics, any promotion is done to ensure ease and efficiency where it has not been before.

This will be crucial for the patient experience, and for physicians too, especially in the post-pandemic world, when hospitals must once again learn to return to normal routine.

The scars of the last two years will undoubtedly remain on the skin of their foundations, and so now is a better time than any other to make their lives easier, to improve ours.

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