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Mcap of the 10 most valuable firms falls by 2.85 rupees crore; RIL has suffered the most


Last week, the 10 most valuable companies suffered from their market valuations of Rs 2,855,251.65, reflecting the overall weak broad market trend, and Reliance Industries became the most affected. On a weekly basis, Sensex fell 2,225.29 points or 3.89 percent, while Nifty lost 691.30 points or 4.04 percent.

Reliance Industries ’market valuation fell by Rs 1,147,767.5 and reached Rs 17,773,196.68, falling the highest number among the top 10 companies. The market capitalization (mcap) of Tata Consultancy Services was Rs 42,847.49 to Rs 12,556,132.34.

HDFC Bank’s valuation decreased by 36,984.46 crore to 7,311,068.41 crore, and Hindustan Unilever – by 20,558.92 crore to 5,050,068.14 crore. mcap ICICI Bank decreased by 16,625.96 crore to 5,00,136.52 crore and Bharti Airtel fell by 16,091.64 crore to 3,990,153.62 crore.

The HDFC estimate fell by Rs 13,924.03 to Rs 3,990,045.06 and the State Bank of India fell Rs 10,843.4 to Rs 4,326,263.56. Infosys ’valuation decreased by Rs 10,285.69 to Rs 6,490,302.28 and Adani Green Energy decreased by Rs 2,322.56 to Rs 4,495,225.28.

Reliance Industries leads the ranking of the top 10 companies, followed by Tata Consultancy Services, HDFC Bank, Infosys, Hindustan Unilever, ICICI Bank, Adani Green Energy, State Bank of India, Bharti Airtel and HDFC.

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