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Mary Barra says that by the middle of the decade GM will be selling more EVs in the US than anyone – including Tesla


This was announced by CEO of General Motors Mary Barr Yahoo! Finance that the company plans to sell more EVs in the U.S. than other automakers, including Tesla, by the middle of the decade. She also said that EV is a huge opportunity for the company.

“What we’ve seen and what it means is that people believe in EVs, and there are huge opportunities for that.

“So at General Motors we’re just focused on good work, really working to listen and understand what customers are looking for, and remember that we’re not just selling at a premium level, we’re going to have electric vehicles priced at 30,000 dollars, and then our joint venture – a joint partnership with Honda – we will do something even more affordable than it is with our affordable electric car.

“I think it’s a little bigger game. We take every step to do it right to make sure we have a complete portfolio of cars. And we said that by the middle of the decade we will be selling more EVs in this country than anyone else. ”

When asked about Tesla, Mary Barr replied: “Including Tesla.”

Those of us who support Tesla and its mission find it very difficult to see GM keep its promise to actually lead the EV segment until the middle of the decade. However, it is nice to see that they want to do it. I would prefer GM to defeat Tesla in EV than to try to kill EV again, because although I support Tesla, it is the mission itself that is making obsolete car manufacturers focus on EV. This was Tesla’s original goal.

Over the past few years, all automakers have said they are coming for Tesla, and so far they have not been able to successfully overtake Tesla. I think it will take more than a few exquisite interviews. These old automakers really need to take EV seriously, but I believe they are trying now.

They wake up and see the impact that Tesla is having on the market in terms of demand. They see that this is what consumers want. They also see the value of the stock.

But I feel that if GM really wanted to beat Tesla, it would have been – or even before Tesla was founded. He would have found a way to make EV mainstream long before the need for Tesla arose. This also applies to other old automakers. It took Tesla to take the stage – with barely a factory to manufacture its cars – to come to the forefront of the automotive industry so far. If a novice automaker who has only a couple of factories, can run EV into production and make more money than both Ford and GM, which in total sell more cars than Tesla, then this could be done by already established automakers. Just didn’t want to – until now.



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