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Lost Ark begins blocking VPN to help servers fight queue-loaded queues


If you are sure The Lost Ark servers, you may have noticed that the queues don’t actually disappear, even in in the middle of the nightand if you believe the player base, it’s because these queues are there filled with boots.

According to office dozens with messages on games forums and Reddit over last weeksome servers, even low pop serversare flooded on so many bots what queues are growingwith sometimes over 13,000 people are waiting in the queue, which obviously does not allow legitimate players to log in.

Amazon, for its part, says it is working on server stability. “Unfortunately, server power fluctuations are one way to combat lag and instability, but we are working to make some fixes to better stabilize the server during the next maintenance,” one representative told the players. The company has repeatedly called the problem with the bot paramount, and indeed the weekend it is blocked the use of VPN in an attempt to fight the boots.

“We have introduced blocking to prevent users from connecting to Lost Ark via VPN services. This is one of the steps we take to combat bikers, as it will help prevent them from circumventing some of the restrictions we operate on and make it harder for them to connect to the game. While we understand that some legitimate players may use a VPN for other reasons, please note that using a VPN is against the Amazon Games 465 Terms of Service. You may find this in Section 5.2 – “You may not use any technologies or techniques to hide or disguise your location. ‘ While your account will not be banned if you have used a VPN in the past, we may not allow future connections to these methods to prevent abuse. ”

However, the VPN ban did not seem to affect the bot problem, as professional RMT bots almost immediately figured out how to get around itand of course, as expected, it is mostly affecting legitimate players.


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