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Lord of the Rings Online fixes multiple quests, instances and the legendary Anor server


Lord of the Rings online Apparently, there were a few bugs that needed to be cleared up from the recent Yondershire update. The the last patch of the game it’s all about fixing and customizing multiple quests, instances and adventure areas around the world of the game.

The lion’s share of fixes have been applied to the Den of Pughlak instance, surfing DoTs, reducing the scale of monster performance and making some abilities less harmful or can be dispelled. The Nerf bat was additionally swung at the Assault on Dhurstrok and Adkhat-Zakhar (while certain abilities of specific monsters in the latter case will be more common), and several fixes were applied to the quests in Jondershire and Enedweith.

The notes also note some adjustments in the legendary Anor world, in particular the closure of Etenmoor, as the PvMP area should not be available below the level limit and raising the legendary item level to 449. Other general fixes also apply, all should continue to do so LOTRA really good place to visit.


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