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Live A Live developer on how long a remake is prepared and more


In a recent interview with a Japanese magazine Famitsuoriginal director Live A Live Takashi Tokita talked about how the team made the upcoming release of Switch a reality.

In addition to the explanation as the remake turned out to be in HD-2D, Tokita spoke about a short development cycle of the game, which began in early 2019 and continued through the pandemic.

Our translation of his full comments can be found below.

When did the development of the remake begin?

Tokyo: In early 2019, it took us three years.

Although it was a full three years, the development cycle is smaller compared to other recent releases. Did the previous release help reduce development time?

Tokita: Yes, but the main reason is that we chose HD-2D from the beginning and did not spend time studying other art styles.

Deciding whether to use 2D or 3D only in pre-production takes about six months, and what we didn’t have time for was a big deal. We had no doubt that the HD-2D remake would go well with the original Super Famicom.

However, when it came time to implement this, Live A Live had a different system for each of the game’s scenarios, which turned out to be harder than we expected. For everything else, it was in the midst of a pandemic. COVID-19 was in full swing when we entered the preparation and production stages. Being in the middle of a pandemic meant it took us a while to finish the project.

What was the most time consuming in the development process?

Tokita: Fine-tuning things like Bakumatsu and the more complex movements in the Arch of Prehistory took a long time.

We did the samples according to how we did things before, but the staff in charge of pixel art liked Live A Live so much that they drew twice as much movement than we expected. Even during the development period, everyone had 1.5 times more passion and momentum. We were able to develop passionately to the end, and it ended in something beyond our expectations. Hopefully everyone will look forward to the final release!

The Live A Live remake for Switch will be available on Switch – and for the first time in the West – on July 22, 2022.

Translation provided by Jarop on behalf of Nintendo Everything.

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