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This small gem ranch with a big heart is located on a large plot in South Tabar, full of impeccable love for landscaping. The cozy and peaceful courtyard was completely decorated with nature with dozens of mature local plants and trees. There is a covered deck with direct access from the kitchen, as well as a generous patio for the car that is perfect for backyard suspension.

The house was built in 1950 and had the latest major renovations, including a new roof in 2016, double-glazed windows and a new heat pump for the entire house in 2019, as well as additional insulation and tabs for the windows. Home energy rating – perfect 10! Fresh interior paint was also recently completed.

The living room has cute built-in benches that maximize seating and storage. Both bedrooms boast a lavish wardrobe. This house is located on a quiet street with easy access anywhere and it is only about 1 mile to Mount Tabor.

This is a great opportunity to realize these dreams of a first home!

HOUSE OF READ DOORS: Saturday, May 7 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

And now some remarks of sellers on improvement:

This humble piece of land has been deliberately planted with dozens and dozens of local plant and tree species to bring back the many birds, butterflies and bees that have brought us joy over the past 12+ years. Local plants provide the food and shelter needed by wildlife to survive. Some hummingbirds, nettles, robins, chickens and nuthatches even hung long enough to nest.

At least since 2010, no pesticides or herbicides have been used.

To save water there is one disconnected gutter that uses an underground French sewer to move water to the rain garden.

Trees absorb rainwater and help keep the yard away from dirt. They were well cared for by a professional arborist.

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