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Legends of Avallen A free quick start guide in PDF is available now


May 6, 2022 from Polar_Bear

Interested in the Celtic game Legends of Avallen? Want to know what kind of game it is, and maybe see how it works? Good news! Modiphius has released a free PDF Quickstart Guide on its website. Hey, it’s free. Why not check it out?

From the site:

“No soldier has returned from that island at the end of the world without strange stories. Walking forests, talking fairies, mysterious figures half man and half beast; things you shouldn’t believe in if you don’t see them yourself. ” -As a sage about the invasion of Avalen

Inspired by Celtic mythology in Roman Britain, Legends of Avallen is a role-playing game that takes you to a mystical island occupied by unfaithful invaders. At the moment it is called peace, but it balances on the sharpness of the sword, because everyone is trying to tame the Other World – a parallel kingdom where fairies, demons, dragons and gods live.

The greatest legends arise in Avallen from humble beginnings, and yours will not differ. A shepherd appointed to the Druids, a bard revived in the touched fairies, a thief who found fame as a gladiator. What tales will be told about you? Will you close the gaps between the worlds or delve into their depths to gain fame, fortune and power?


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