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Legend (and Master) of the Exodus Garden 2A Lost Sector Guide


Complete the single sector Exodus Garden 2A Lost Sector on Difficulty Legend or Master in Destiny 2 with the perfect outfit for all caregivers.

Exodus Garden 2A Lost Sector can be the simplest occupation of a legend or a master of shaping Destiny 2, especially if the players are equipped with proper clothing. A few simple modifications of Void armor and weapons will allow players to go through the action during singles competitions, ensuring that they get exotic armor in no time. Although this lost sector is not as complex as others, there are some mission modifiers that players need to know about for Exodus Garden 2A.

Unlike Veles Maze Lost Sector c Destiny 2, Exodus Garden 2A has an active Void Burn burn that allows Guardians to deal and earn an additional 50% for Void loss sources. The Legend and Master modes include Scorched Earth, Enemies of the Champions, Locked Equipment, Restricted Revival, Closed Enemies, and Match Game. Scorched Earth means enemies will get more grenades, while Shielded Foes offers Void shields for multiple battles.


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In addition, the Exodus Garden 2A and Legend, and Master versions have barrier and overload champions. Master difficulty also includes crowd champions, adding more champions to the mix, and exhaustion. While depletion is active, regeneration is greatly impaired. Players will need to defeat enemies to create wells of light to quickly restore their health.

Exodus Garden 2A The Lost Sector in Destiny 2 (Solo Legend and Master)

Exodus Garden 2A The Lost Sector in Destiny 2 (Solo Legend and Master)

A Guardian Character Stats Destiny 2 will not necessarily affect this lost sector just because there are only three quick fights before you reach the boss.

  • Lucent Finisher
  • Generous wells
  • Natural artillery (x2)
  • Heat shock coating (x2)
  • Unstable rounds
  • Kickstart grenades
  • Overload Void Granade
  • Mod for weapon overload (Needed)
  • Barrier Scout Rifle or Bow (crossbow substitute)

Guardians will quickly pass through the Exodus Garden 2A Lost Sector on a single wizard working with this weapon.

  • Crossbow
  • Funnel mesh (Livelihood / Madness) or Name (Statistics for all / Vorpal weapons)
  • Bad signs (Tracking Module / Cluster Bomb) or Red herring (Tracking module / lasting impression)
  • Substitutes – Hollow scout rifles or bows, eating hunger, kinetic / stasis automatic rifles or SMG, collective measures
  • Exotic substitutes – Risk Runner, Le Monarch, Death Bringer, Two-Tailed Fox

Hunters, Titans and Warlocks need the Void 3.0 plugin Destiny 2 during this lost sector.

  • Warlock – Nove Bomb: A Cataclysm with the Eye of Another World or The Sin of the Nezaretz
  • Titanium – The word of dawn with the helmet of Saint-14 or the Heart of the Most Holy Light
  • Hunter – Shadowshot: Mobius Quiver from Orpheus Rig or Graviton Forfeit
  • Aspects and fragments – Echo of the unknown
  • The grenade – Advantage
  • Class abilities – Advantage

As long as players have a relatively similar build to the ones mentioned above, they will be able to go through the Exodus Garden 2A Lost Sector on the Master in a short time. The key to this build is the frequent use of Void grenades to create more rudimentary wells, thus constantly taking advantage of Volatile Rounds. A crossbow is best linear combo rifle Destiny 2 for dealing with the Barrier Champions, and it is important to get them out of the picture as soon as possible. Completing all champions with Lucent Finisher will result in a large amount of heavy ammunition for use in the lost sector, and a snippet of Echo of Obscurity will make players invisible for a short time after killing any enemy. This makes it easy to get out of difficult situations as a last resort, no matter how fast this Lost Sector is Destiny 2.

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