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Law and Order and Law and Order: Organized crime resumed on NBC


The Law and order the franchise will continue to thrive on NBC. It was announced that Law and order revival and its nomination, Law and order: organized crimeboth have been restored to NBC.

Technically it will be the 22nd season for “Law and Order”. Law and order: organized crime will return by a third. Law and order was resumed last year for the 21st season after being abruptly canceled by NBC eleven and a half years ago. Law and order: IED was previously extended as part of a three-year pickup that will be its 24th season online. This series is still the longest live prime time series of all time.

Behind this are Dick Wolf and his Wolf Entertainment Law and order franchise, and it has a damn hot strip. Just yesterday three FBI shows on CBS have been extended for two years. Also on NBC Wolf stands behind Chicago a franchise that includes Chicago Fire, PD Chicagoand Chicago Med. At the time, these shows were extended for three seasons IED received a three-year recovery.

Law and order returned in February and it helped NBC take No. 1 on Thursday night in demos 18-49 with all Law and order composition, lane Deadline. Law and order: organized crime is also number 1 at 10pm on Thursday in demo version 18-49. So Wolfe said of recent updates:

‚ÄúDreams come true. The update of all parties on Wednesday and Thursday evenings is the final test of our partnership with NBC and Universal Television. Personally, I want to thank the talented screenwriters and actors, the producers who keep the trains in time, and the groups who tirelessly show great shows, despite such difficulties that were not there before in the pandemic. “

According to the official synopsis, revived Law and order considers “Police investigating crimes and district prosecutors prosecuting offenders.” The series starred Sam Waterston, Anthony Anderson, Jeffrey Donavan, Camryn Mannheim, Hugh Dancy and Adele Halevi.

Law and order: organized crime saw the return of Eliot Stabler of Christopher Meloni from SVU, and he served in the New York Organized Crime Division. The show monitors the detectives of the Bureau for Combating Organized Crime, who are working to dismantle the most vicious and brutal illegal enterprises in New York. The series also starred Daniel Monet Truit, Tamara Taylor, Ainsley Seiger and Dylan McDermott, who recently left the show to become the main character of the Dick Wolf series on CBS. FBI: Wanted.


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