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Komodor raises $ 42 million to build a continuous reliability platform for Kubernetes


Comrade announced a $ 42 million Series B funding round led by Tiger Global involving Felicis and existing investors Accel, NFX Capital, OldSlip Group, Pitango First and Vine Ventures. This brings the company’s total funding to $ 67 million since it was launched in stealth mode less than a year ago to optimize Kubernetes operations.

“There is a real problem with the second day of operations when it comes to Kubernetes,” said Itiel Schwartz, technical director and co-founder of Komodor. “Troubleshooting the Kubernetes and large-scale incident resolution can be extremely challenging. The Komodor platform contains all the necessary intelligence and experience needed for any engineer to become an experienced Kubernetes operator. ”

Komodor’s automated approach to incident resolution speeds up response time, reduces MTTR and allows development teams to solve problems efficiently and independently. The platform hosts millions of Kubernetes events each day and then bakes key research directly on the platform. The company recently released Playbooks & Monitors, which will report problems, reveal their root cause and provide operators with easy-to-follow troubleshooting instructions.

Highlights of growth

  • Raised $ 67 million in total funding from Accel, Felicis Ventures, NFX Capital, OldSlip Group, Pitango First and Tiger Global.
  • Among the leading angel investors is Jason Warner, CTO GitHub; Mike Trio is the platform ‘s head Atlases; Danny Grander, co-founder Snyk; Tomer Levy, CEO Logz.io and others.
  • Recognized as an outstanding supplier based on the report of October 11, 2021 entitled “Class suppliers in monitoring and observation – modernization of heritage, preparation for tomorrow.”
  • Over the past nine months, the team has tripled to nearly 50 employees, with 100 employees expected by the end of the year.
  • Revenue growth is over 700% over the last 9 months.

“We are expanding incredibly fast, directly along with the mass adoption of Kubernetes,” said Ben Ofiri, CEO and co-founder of Komodor. “Starting with Serie A, we have tripled the number of our team and we plan to double again by the end of the year. We have talented engineers who research how things at Kubernetes go hand in hand, and we pack that knowledge into automated textbooks for the benefit of our customers. ”

Kubernetes is the most popular graduation project within Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). According to the latest report on native cloud development, Kubernetes has shown impressive growth over the past 12 months: today Kubernetes is used by 5.6 million developers. This is 67% more than a year ago. However, despite its growing popularity, complexity remains a major challenge in the use and deployment of containers.

“Komodor is loved by teams that host Kubernetes because it makes every engineer a confident technical leader and operator,” said John Curtius, a partner at Tiger Global. “We are very happy to support Ben and the Camador team and believe that the Camador is a special company.”

“The Commodore immediately helped us track down the problems at Kubernetes. We have been able to identify problems with old services in our deployed clusters that we have spent countless hours troubleshooting in the past. We are excited to complete the deployment of Komodor in all of our clusters and see how it continues to improve our observation history, ”said David de Regt, Chief Programming Engineer at Outreach.

“I showed Kamodor to our assembly teams and they were thrilled. Of course, this is the best troubleshooting tool we have. It clearly shows what has changed, when it has changed, and who has changed it. We have teams that use it so often that it’s starting to become part of their day-to-day processes, ”said Landon Orr, a staff reliability engineer at Lace.

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