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Kate Bosworth on how to be a stepmother on screen and outside


A romantic Netflix drama about growing up Along with the trip now broadcast. Directed and written by Sophia Alvarez, the film stars Emma Pasarov and Belmont Camelli, and Kate Bosworth, Andy McDowell and Dermot Mulroney complete the lead cast.

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“Oden is the last summer before college and she is spending it in the picturesque Colby Beach,” the synopsis says. “While other teenagers play in the sun, a lone Auden spends time wandering the streets after everyone else sleeps. Everything changes when she meets Eli, a charming and mysterious man who suffers from insomnia. In their nocturnal adventures, Eli challenges Oden in search of realizing all his childhood dreams. Their relationship pushes them to confront why they are happy with living in the shadows when they start showing each other how to live life to the fullest. ”

ComingSoon Editor-in-Chief Tyler Tries spoke to him Along with the trip star Kate Bosworth about her role as Heidi and how her stepmother in real life affected her performance.

Tyler Tries: I really enjoyed the movie and I was so glad we saw the stepmother character in one of these adult films who was not only this disguised evil man. So how exciting was it to give a clear picture of what stepmothers might be like, and what did you find closest to Heidi?

Kate BosworthA: Well, I would say I have been a loving, warm, bound stepmother for 11 years in my real life with a beautiful young woman who is now 24, but when I met her, she was about 12 years old. Jasper. So I was also kind of probably like a lot of people, like when we see a picture of a stepmother who’s not that evil, crazy, you know? Then came Heidi, and honestly, there were so many similarities between her and me. The first time I met Jasper, I was like the crazy spastic version I brought to Heidi that was like I met Jasper at dinner, saw her and said, “Hi, I’m Kate! It’s so nice to meet you! … Do you want to get it? ” It’s kind of weird [version of myself]. Basically, how desperately I want her to be. I really wanted to convey all this reality to Heidi and she has already been written on the page as such a wonderful person, but I was happy to bring her a lot of my real life experience.

Your character also deals with a lot. She has a newborn, and her husband is so focused on his career, and there is a very real problem when the upbringing is not so divided and all the stress falls on one of the parents. So how happy were you to portray this in a very consistent manner?

One of the things I love so much is how Sophia Alvarez, the director, how she approached the characters, allowed people to be flawed. You know what I mean? And allow the dynamics between the characters to be very realistic, such as how many people are in a parenting situation when one person feels doing much more than the other. Then one person feels he needs to focus on work and whatever it is. How you need to communicate through these things to find a healthy space to raise your little ones. And yes, you meet Heidi, and she kind of jumps on that sword, holds her newborn in her arms, and Auden comes in, and my character isn’t asleep, and she has a newborn baby, and she doesn’t feel much help from her husband.

At this point, she’s just like crazy. But I like being able to follow her arc, and one of my favorite moments when I played Heidi was when she kind of broke down, and Auden comes in and gets like a man who really starts putting the pieces together to be able to help reunite family. It’s real. It’s like how many times I’ve been very close to Jasper, my stepdaughter’s biological mother. The number of times her dad, her biological mother and I, like everyone, got together to find out family moments was not so far from this film. So when my role, my real role, the real most important role in life was to be a really wonderful stepmother that I tried to do every day and will do every day for the rest of my life playing a very realistic version of his stepmother was very important to me too.

Thank you so much for your time and the image is really included in this film.

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