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Kanye West offered Nintendo the idea of ​​a video game about his deceased mother


Kanye West could be a game designer (photo: PA)

The creator of Mario and Zelda Shigeru Miyamoto told the story of how Kanye West approached him with the idea of ​​a new game.

Since most of them say little about it in public, it’s often surprising to find out what celebrity gamers are. If you’re a fan, you know that Kanye West is definitely interested, because at some point he was going to name the album Turbo Grafx 16, after the American name for PC engine.

He too famously attended E3 several times at the Los Angeles Video Game Show, which in its heyday attracted everyone in the gaming industry, including luminaries like Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto – widely recognized as the most influential video game designer in history.

Kanye was definitely a fan and, according to Zachary Ryan, who is currently a leading co-producer Twitchone day he showed up and demanded a meeting with Miyamoto so he could offer him his idea of ​​the game.

Ryan told his anecdote in a long topic on Twitter where he recalls how he traveled to New York to interview Miyamot about the future Star Fox Zero.

Before the interview, Ryan accidentally mentioned Kanye’s new album The Life of Pablo, and when Miyamoto heard the name E mentioned, he started a kind of anecdote about how the rapper asked to meet him at E3 2015 so he could show him a prototype of his video game ideas.

Although it is unclear what the game was about, the idea was to play for the late Kanye’s mother when she ascended to heaven, with a soundtrack led by Kanye.

Ryan doesn’t offer a more detailed explanation of how the game looked or played, but apparently Miyamoto said it was “very interesting” and “very exciting”.

Obviously, the game did not take place, but Miyamoto seems to have been very positive about the whole meeting, no matter how strange it may seem even to him.

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