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Joel McHale stars in the Fox comedy series Animal Control


Community alumnus Joel McHale has landed a starring role in an upcoming Fox comedy series Animal control.

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McHale’s character, Frank, is noted as “a confident, eccentric animal control officer who may not have attended college but is still the most well-read person in the room. An ex-cop, Frank tried to expose corruption in his department, but was fired for doing so, which may explain why he is so cynical and cocky. He has an almost superhuman ability to understand animals. People…not so much.’

“Dan, Rob, Ted and Bob assumed that Joel would be the host Animal control from the moment we started development, and we’re all excited to have him on board,” said Fox Entertainment President Michael Thorne. “Joel’s caustic wit and ability to bring a comedic lens to everything he tackles make him the perfect person to bring Frank to life.”

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Login for Animal control says it “will follow a group of local animal control officers whose lives are complicated by the fact that animals are simple and humans are not.” The series will be executive produced and written by Bob Fisher, Rob Greenberg and Dan Sterling, with Ted Quill and Joel McHale also serving as executive producers. Fox Entertainment Studios is set to produce.

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