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James Bond will be reinvented for his next release


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Kiss the rumors goodbye.

No, that’s not the title of the next part of the James Bond saga 007.

The truth with steel eyes is that no matter who you hoped for and wanted to take over the throne from Daniel Craig to play the next James Bond, it most likely won’t happen. At least not any time soon.

Idris Elba, Tom Hardy, Henry Cavill, Lashana Lynch, Killian Murphy or anyone else remembered (I hear Adam Sandler is shooting the drama again these days), put them all in the background, far back, because there is no casting According to the producer Barbara Broccoli’s Bond, even close. Not only that, character supervisor Jan Fleming says another transformation is needed.

Just going the other way with Bond is unimaginable. The forces behind Bond want to “invent” Bond and take him away, as well as whoever will be assigned to the role, in a completely different way (though still passing by the inside of the gun barrel with a cool song behind it).

“There’s no script, and we can’t come up with it until we decide how we’re going to approach the next film, because it’s actually a remake of Bond. We invent who he is, and it takes time. ”

“It’s an important decision,” Broccoli said in an interview Variety earlier this year. “It’s not just a choice for a role. We are talking about a complete rethinking of where we are going. “

Broccoli performed in London as part of BFI Scholarships along with her brother and Bond co-producer Michael G. Wilson, which were attended by many acquaintances from Bond’s past, including Ralph Fiennes and Naomi Harris, with video messages from Judy Dench, Rami Malek, Sam Mendes and Craig himself. a tribute to Broccoli and Bond.

Fiennes even joked that after technically Broccoli and Wilson killed Bond No time to diethat his character M and Moneypeni, played by Harris, are ready to reprise their roles, whoever the next Bond is.

“Naomi and I are the people who need to fix this. You will find him and we will teach him, ”he said Deadline.

For Bond and Craig fans, at least the following Knives the film is already on the horizon, so there is no time to cry.

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