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Iron Banner Rift returns in Season 17 of Destiny 2


Previously, Bungie considered Iron Banner changes such as reputation in rank and removal of tokens and awards. The most recent Posted this week in Bungie told more about Iron Banner’s overhaul Destiny 2Season 17. One of the biggest changes is the return of Crucible 6v6 command mode from Destiny 1 called Rift.

In this sports game, players take on the role of Spark Runner. One player from either team must capture the Spark from the center of the card. The Runner will have to soak the rift on the side of the opposing team for a limited time – the spark falls when the Runner is defeated. Other teammates have to defend the Runner because the enemy team will monitor their territory in full defense mode.

The Spark Runner in Iron Banner Rift from Destiny 1

A unique feature of Iron Banner is hunting. The hunt starts when a team in Iron Banner Control captures all zones, earning the team extra points for defeating enemies for each kill. After resetting the zones, the hunt will end. In Rift the Hunt begins when the team captures Spark, however the kills in this game mode are not added to the score, so it is unclear what exactly the Hunt is doing.

There are distinctive Rift qualities to keep in mind, such as the ability to revive teammates and a point that shows the location of the Spark Runner after it picks up the Spark or when the Runner gets damaged. The Rift will only be available during Iron Banner in season 17.

Next season Saladin will announce his presence when Bungie will place him in front and center at the Tower Courtyard. Without awards and tokens of the Iron Flag, players can increase their rating with Saladin, completing matches to get iron engrams, as in other PvP providers. Players can focus their iron engrams on current weapons and armor that players have already earned, but this exchange will cost materials. Instead of the usual rewards and quests there will be four days of trials. “The awards also add up to end-of-week reputation bonuses along with the Pinnacle Iron Engram,” the developer added.

To slightly boost their reputation, players should try to win matches, wear five Iron Flag armor or ornaments, equip Iron Flag weapons, perform tests, and use an Iron Flag emblem that players can capture from their collections.

Bungie also said it would turn off the power level advantage to allow new players and low-power players to compete. Players of Destiny 2 can chase after the brand new seal of Triumph with the Iron Flag to also become the Iron Lord. Iron Banner will only be active during the May 31 and July 12 seasons.

Map of Disjunction Crucible in Season 17 Destiny 2
Map of Disjunction Crucible in Season 17 Destiny 2

Players haven’t seen the new PvP card in a long time, but Iron Banner Rift brings Disjunction, a new card specifically designed for this game mode. The action takes place in the wetlands of the Disciples Balot in the Throne World of Savatun. TWAB notes that this card will still be playable in other PvP modes.

In addition, Bungie returns to the previous Crucible game mode called Zone Control – a goal-oriented game mode in which killings do not increase the score. It still includes combat, but only to defeat opponents to clear a path and capture zones. Bungie added: “Zone Control will be launched through the new Crucible Labs node starting week 5 (June 21) and will be available until the end of the season, except when Iron Banner will be live.” Other changes to Crucible include:


  • Like the Osiris test, the time limit is now 90 seconds.


  • Super Murder points increased to three.
  • The target score has been increased from 150 to 200.
  • Time reduced to seven minutes.


  • The time was increased to 10 minutes – it used to be eight.


  • Round goals increased to 15 out of 10.

The Rebels season ends on May 24, but players can move on to the current Iron Banner week, get rid of tokens in Saladinor earn new loot and rewards from the annual Guardian Games.

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