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In the 2nd season of the Yellowjackets are older versions of Survivors


Melanie Linsky reveals that in Season 2 of “Yellow Jackets” older versions of even more survivors are now being shot, including “Vienna” by Liv Husan.

Yellow jackets It is reported that in the 2nd season there are older versions of the survivors, including Wang. The premiere of the 1st season of the series, created by Ashley Lyle and Bart Nickerson, took place on Showtime on November 14, 2021. By the time the finale of Season 1 aired on January 16, 2022, the Internet was buzzing about a mysterious and exciting new project. The series was extended for Season 2 in December 2021 while Season 1 was still airing.

Yellow jackets it is a series set in two different timelines, one in 1996 and the other in 2021. The 1996 chronology follows a nineteen-month period when the New Jersey football team was lost after their plane crashed in a Canadian forest. The chronology of 2021 alternates with their painful history of survival, picking up the stories of some key members of the cast who, as it turned out, survived the ordeal. The adult composition Yellow jacketsas well as their young colleagues include Melanie Linsky and Sophie Nellis as Sean, Tony Cypress and Jasmine Savoy Brown as Thais, Juliet Lewis and Sophie Thatcher as Natalie, Christina Ritchie and Sammy Henrett as Misty and Warren Cole yu in the role of Jeff.


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During a conversation with ETLinski told a little about the casting process Yellow jackets Season 2. She says producers are currently looking. “older versions of the junior pair“and she believes they are probably choosing an older version of Wang’s character, played by Liv Husson, who is the team’s goalkeeper and whose fate is still unknown in the 1996 schedule. Linsky says she would like to Russian doll star Natasha Lyon to take on the role, even though she knows the actress is too busy for it. Read her full quote below:

I know new people are coming. Older versions are a couple of the younger actors they’re trying to take now.

[I think] they will choose the elder Wang. [I would like her to be played by] Natasha Lyon. She’s my girlfriend and I’m passionate about her, but she’s too busy. [I’m] just like, the dream throws it away. “

Melanie Linsky as Sean in yellow jackets

Since Season 1 did not complete the 1996 chronicle, not only can young actors playing surviving characters return, but the show may begin to reveal more about who experienced their experiences in the desert. Quite a few characters still have a chance to come out alive, though not necessarily in general. These include Kevin Alves as Travis, Courtney Ethan as Loti, Kia King as Aquila, Alex Barajas as Marie, Luciano Leroy as Xavi and Stephen Krueger as Ben Scottassistant team coach.

It will be interesting to see if Yellow jackets announces who starred in the series. Even if the list of actors doesn’t show which characters the adult actors play, it will probably be easy to compare them to their fellow teenagers depending on who they look more like. If the series wants to keep a surprise, fans may not be able to find out who these new entrants are until the show airs.

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