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How to save your passwords online


Uswitch.com conducted a consumer survey to find out how the UK chooses its passwords,how safe they areand how often they were hacked.

Highlights of the survey include that 30% of people use their year of birth and 39% use a pet’s name as part of their password. This emphasizes the importance of keeping such information safe and secure, as well as avoiding anything that requires the dissemination of these details, including quizzes on social media. The safest way is to avoid any personally identifiable information in passwords together, as this may be the first thing hackers try.

Password does not allow:

  • Do not write down your password. Neither on paper, nor in e-mail, nor anywhere!
  • Do not reuse passwords for all accounts.
  • Avoid using the names of loved ones.
  • Avoid using memorable keyboard paths. Example: 123456, qwerty.
  • Don’t tell anyone your password.


  • Use 2FA
  • Use a password manager
  • Do this for as long as possible and use lowercase, uppercase, numeric, and characters in each password.

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