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How to practice meditation while walking and what are the benefits



Have you heard about the course of meditation? This is the subject of an article.

Do you go for walks every day, or several times a week?

Have you thought about using the time you spend walking, meditating?

You can take a walk in the town or village, in the local park or on the footpath. What do you do while walking? Where is your focus?

  • Do you talk on the phone with friends or co-workers while walking?
  • Do you walk with headphones, listen to music or a podcast?
  • Do you go, write to your friends or check the latest posts on your social media accounts?
  • Maybe you just let all the problems of the day, what this or that person said, occupy your attention?

Why not give your mind a little rest, give yourself time, relieve stress at work and teach your mind to meditate?

The feet walk, and the mind is far away. You need to align your body and your attention. The way to do this is through walking meditation.

Why meditate while walking and what are the benefits

What are the benefits of walking meditation and what do you get by practicing it?

Walking meditation synchronizes your body and mind. This makes you more attentive your body and the world around you.

This is an opportunity to use the time you spend walking and meditate on it.

Does walking meditation replace meditation practiced by sitting in a quiet place?

No, it’s not. This is a meditation you can add to your schedule. Since so many people go for a walk, why not use this time more effectively by using it for meditation?

If you are very busy and cannot find time or a quiet place to meditate, a sensible alternative is walking meditation.

This practice is a useful and effective tool for relieving stress, freeing the mind from useless thoughts, and can give you more control over your mind and thought process.

  • Walking meditation helps to focus your mind and not be distracted by meaningless and useless thoughts.
  • If you don’t have time to meditate, you can use the time you go to meditate.
  • It is a meditation that you can practice anywhere, while walking, on the way to work when you go outside, and even at home.
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Conscious walking versus walking on autopilot

Where is your focus the moment you start walking? Do you dwell on worries and problems, make plans, or dream?

Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about ourselves. The body goes on autopilot, and our mind is elsewhere. We are busy listening to music or podcasts, talking on the phone or busy with our thoughts.

You go, but you are inattentive to your body and the environment, and it is not live in the present moment.

It is at this time that you can use the situation to your advantage and teach your mind to relax and be obedient to you.

You can pay attention to your consciousness-consciousness, live the present moment and stop walking automatically, on autopilot.

Be in the moment

Instead of letting go of the mind, not focusing, focusing on problems or dreaming, why not bring it back to the moment?

It’s nice to listen to music and you gain knowledge by listening to podcasts, but sometimes you just leave them and enjoy the present moment.

Going, you are out of the house, out of place or out of work.

Enjoy those moments that move away from daily distractions, breaks and obstacles. Give yourself the gift of living in the present moment and just walk around without occupying your mind with thoughts, music and podcasts.

You can readily appreciate the simple pleasure of walking.

Walking while your mind is calm, aware of the surroundings, nature, is a kind of meditation. It is a meditation of walking.

This is a great way to relax your body and mind.

Distraction and gait meditation

This kind of meditation requires you to keep your eyes open, keep an eye on others and ignore distractions.

Unlike the seat meditation techniquessince you are on the street, you need to be careful of your surroundings so as not to run into people, poles or trees and not risk yourself crossing the street.

You walk with a silent mind, remembering your surroundings, buildings, houses and people, being in full consciousness and vigilance.

Practicing meditation while walking, breathe normally. Don’t follow the thoughts that come into your mind and don’t get involved with them. You just keep an eye on them.

By practicing meditation while walking, you are usually not alone in the privacy of your room. There are people, cars and noise that are distracting, which means you need to capture attention.

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Where to meditate while walking?

You can practice this type of meditation anywhere.

Some places will confront you with more distractions and distractions, and you need to be more focused and alert.

In the city

The city has more hustle, noise and distraction, and so most likely the city is more stimulated mind and there is more need to anchor the mind.

You can find a park or beach a little quieter.

Outdoors in nature

It refreshes a walk on the street, in nature, connecting with open spaces, fresh air, views, sounds and aromas.

The silence of nature and the magnificent landscape tend to soothe and relax the mind.

Walk in your house

Sometimes it is impossible to go for a walk outside. In this case, you can walk inside your house, even if it is a short distance. Just walk back and forth at a moderate pace while meditating.

Turn off the TV or radio.

Instructions for meditation while walking

You can walk fast or you can take a walk, it doesn’t matter.

You can take a walk in the park, along the beach, in nature or in the city. It doesn’t matter where you go.

A meditative walk is especially suitable for busy people. This can be done anywhere, anytime.

Here are some tips to keep in mind:

Pay attention to your body
When you start walking, pay attention to your body. How does he feel? Are there tense muscles? Is there pain? Do you feel heavy or light?

For a few seconds try to realize your body and relax while walking.

Your posture
Pay attention to your posture and how you wear your body, straight back or stooped, light gait or dragging legs.

Try to focus on meditation, instead of letting her wander where she wants.

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3 forms of gait meditation

I would like to suggest two forms of walking meditation:

  1. Focus on your body and the environment.
  2. Focus your attention on your steps.
  3. Focus on your awareness.

I suggest you try both types of meditation, starting with the first one where you focus on your body and the environment.

The second meditation, focusing on your awareness, requires more focus and vigilance.

Next we will explain how to practice these meditations.

Meditation 1 – Focus on the body and surroundings

Be aware of what is happening

Pay attention to what is happening around you. Look at passing cars, people, shop windows, trees and everything that happens around you.

Just look around, be aware of the world around you, acknowledge what you see, but don’t think about it.

Pay attention to sounds and smells

Pay attention to the sounds you hear, the smells and the smells you feel, but don’t dive into them.

Just passionately notice sounds, noises and smells, resisting the tendency of the mind to think about them. Do not follow any related thoughts or feelings that may arise due to noises and odors.

Be aware of physical sensations

Pay attention to any physical sensations such as pain, scratches, tense muscles. Just watch them calmly without getting involved with them. Just notice them and move on.


From time to time, pay attention to the movements of your body. Pay attention to how you move your feet, the position of your arms and how fast or slow you are moving.

Also, pay attention to whether you are squatting or keeping your back straight.

Keep walking, following the recommendations above.

Meditation 2 – Focus on your steps

While walking just focus on your steps. Focus on how you move your feet and walk. That’s all. Ignore everything else.

Immerse all your attention in the act of walking.

Don’t think about anything else, just look after yourself. Ignore the surroundings, people, noises and objects, except not to stumble upon them. Be careful and considerate when crossing the street.

Meditation 3 – Focus on your awareness

This type of meditation requires more concentration and attention and may not suit everyone.

Here, in this walking meditation, you will focus on the sense of living, conscious and existence.

Do not follow and do not get involved in any thoughts that arise in your head. Ignore everything, trying to be reckless but fully conscious.

If you catch yourself thinking, just pay attention and try to show a lack of interest in your thoughts.

Walk with a calm mind, focusing on the feelings that YOU ARE HERE AND NOW.

It’s like emptying your mind of everything and focusing on the peace that is coming.

If you practice meditation and concentration exercises for a while, it would be easier to practice.

Concluding remarks

Take advantage of the time when you go for a walk, or when you need to go somewhere on foot, and meditate. Time well spent.

Want to find tips and tricks on how to calm your mind and how to practice mediation? You can find them in my books:
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