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How to play with friends (Instructions for multiplayer games)


Overwatch 2 Beta allows gamers to play with their friends. It may not be clear how to play with friends, but actually sending invitations is very simple.

You can join other players or invite friends to play in Overwatch 2 Beta, but how to connect with other players is clearly not immediate. In the first Overwatch, in the main menu was a Social button that could be used to interact with other players and join or invite friends. However, Overwatch 2 The beta version does not have the same option in the main menu, so inviting friends may be confusing.

The Overwatch 2 The beta has begun April 26, 2022 and will run until May 17, 2022. New players will be granted access to join throughout the testing period. On the official website, players can take the beta test and search for an email from Batte.net to download it. Unfortunately, the beta test is only available to PC players, so those who want to play Overwatch 2 on the console will have to wait for the official release of the game.


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There is currently no exact release date Overwatch 2but that may change after the May 17 beta closes. Although the changes will be made before the official release, there is a definite way to invite friends who also have access to the beta. Any invited player will also need to access the beta by waiting for an email or using the code if he or she participated in the Twitch event on April 27th. Once all players have downloaded the game, they can easily play together.

How to invite friends in the beta version of Overwatch 2

The best heroes of the beta version of Overwatch 2 are Lucio, Orissa and Sombra.

Experience new features and heroes like Visit Overwatch 2, more fun when players can connect with their friends. To invite someone to the beta, players can click on the small play button next to their name in the top right corner. From there, the menu on the next screen should look familiar to everyone who played the first one Overwatch. Playing with friends is as simple as right-clicking on their name and choosing to either invite or join.

If the “Player not found” error appears, this may trigger a slightly different invitation method. Some players are lucky enough to get around the mistake when their friends send them a message and then left-click on the person and invite him from there. If the error persists, players can try to completely close all Battle.net services, then restart the game and try to send the invitation again.

The Overwatch 2 The beta version includes several unique characters and features that are enhanced by the ability to play with friends. Although the way you invite other players is a little different than it was in the first game, doing it is just as easy. Many features may change after closing the beta, but participating in early testing and connecting with friends will give players the opportunity to experience what Overwatch 2 must propose before official release.

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Overwatch 2 The beta version will be available until May 17 on PC. The full version of the game will be released later for Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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