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How to get free epic and legendary Twitch skins


Fans of Splitgate, signed up for Twitch Prime Gaming, can get four free exclusive weapon skins for carbine, shotgun, plasma rifle and pistol.

Portal-as a competitive FPS Splitgate currently offers free exclusive epic and legendary weapon skins for players who have subscribed to Twitch Prime Gaming. The Twitch package includes Carbine Skin Nebula, Skin for Nebula gun, Nebula plasma rifle skinand The skin of the pistol of Zeus. In the past, Splitgate and Prime Gaming revealed other weapons with galactic textures of Nebula weapons. So Splitgate supporters seeking to continue the expansion their Nebula leather collections will need to claim a subscription award before the event.

To get free exclusive epic and legendary skins for Twitch Splitgate, players naturally have to be subscribers to Prime Gaming, a service related to Amazon Prime. In other words, those who regularly use Amazon Prime are eligible for these free skins for the game. However, before fans can receive awards, several conditions must be met. To get started, players need to move on to “twitch.tv“and select the profile icon at the top right of the screen.


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Next, select Settings in the drop-down menu for the user profile. Then click on the Prime Gaming tab to confirm that the Twitch player account is currently signed in to Twitch Prime. If not Splitgate players will have to pay $ 15 to activate their premium account. On the other hand, new Prime Gaming users are eligible for a free 30-day trial, during which they can claim their exclusive epic and legendary weapon skins for Splitgate. Both regular and new Twitch subscribers need to make sure they’ve signed in to Amazon before continuing.

Unlock free Twitch skins for Splitgate

Unlock free Twitch skins for Splitgate

After confirming your subscription status, select the “Connection” tab on the Twitch settings screen and make sure the account is associated with the platform the player is playing Splitgate on is connected to Twitch. For example, those who play the game on a PC must be associated with Steam, or a fan on the Xbox will naturally need to connect to their official Xbox account. After checking the connections, return to the Twitch home page and select the “Crown” icon at the top of the screen. Scroll down to “Splitgate: an exclusive epic and legendary weapon Skins “or find the game on the Prime Gaming Loot page.

Once the players were delivered in Splitgate On the Twitch Loot page, they can select the “Request” button to get free digital skins. If the claim still doesn’t work, the player may not be logged in to Amazon.com or use a different account than the one Splitgate associated with.

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Splitgate available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.

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